A marketing coach can help you go from performing random acts of marketing… to building a marketing system so you can escape your business and have it support your lifestyle.


Marketing Strategist & Coach

Jeremy Hope


Go from confusion to clarity as you discover the high pay off marketing priorities that you need to invest resources into. Itʼs amazing how the weight lifts off when you realise all the things you donʼt have to do.

A good marketing coach can help you get clarity on your market, your message and your marketing plan.


Because we understand the impact of marketing on business performance. We know that “what gets measured gets managed”

Like a board member that doesn’t cost you equity in your business. We work alongside you, on your goals, your game plan and your tactics. Brief the team then push everyone including you to achieve the results.

We help keep you and the team accountable weekly/fortnightly/monthly.

I find it really interesting that as human beings, we know exactly what we need to do to be successful. We can make endless commitments to ourselves to do something but struggle to complete them. However, the moment we make a commitment to someone else. Something incredible happens.

Itʼs amazing what happens when you make a commitment to someone else.


It’s just like building a house – you need strategy (the plans) and tactics (the implementation timeline).

Because we are experienced in many industry sectors across Australia, New Zealand and the USA. We know what works and more importantly what doesnʼt work. We wonʼt be wasting your time or money on random or ineffective marketing methods.


DELEGATE – If you donʼt already have anyone on your marketing team, we can help identify someone from your internal team or we can bring the right players onto the team. Like any good coach, we will also bench the players on your team that arenʼt performing.

AUTOMATE – We will look to automate everything except for responsibility.

DUPLICATE – the high pay off marketing activities and drop the ones that are not performing.